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Our Projects

A selection of projects successfully completed by GHC

Weill Cornell Medical College - Belfer Research Building

A new state-of-the-art, LEED Gold Certified Research Building sprawling across 480,000 ft² of high-rise laboratory space. This project includes:

  • ​Specialized HVAC  systems equipped to meet the stringent requirements of Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratories, ensuring the safety of researchers and the containment of hazardous agents.

  • Advanced exhaust systems strategically installed to maintain air quality standards, particularly crucial in laboratory settings.

  • Below-grade vivariums equipped with sophisticated MEP infrastructure to provide optimal conditions for housing and studying animal models, ensuring their welfare and facilitating scientific experimentation.

  • Implementation of energy-efficient technologies and sustainable practices across MEP systems, contributing to the building's LEED certification and environmental stewardship efforts.

  • 8,000 Ton Chiller Plant: Ensures optimal cooling capacity for the research facility.

  • 8 MW Emergency Power System: Fortifies the building against power disruptions for uninterrupted operations.

  • 18 Laboratory Floors: Offers ample space for diverse research activities and scientific exploration.

The Alexandria Center for Life Science

GHC has partnered with Alexandria Real Estate across several campuses including the 160,000 ft² Life Science Factory in LIC & the upcoming North Tower at their main campus in Manhattan. Their facilities feature cutting-edge MEP systems designed to support advanced research and innovation, including:

  • High-efficiency HVAC systems to ensure optimal indoor air quality and temperature control.

  • State-of-the-art laboratory exhaust systems for the safe removal of hazardous fumes and chemicals.

  • Advanced lighting controls and energy management systems to minimize energy consumption and maximize sustainability.

  • Backup power systems to ensure uninterrupted operations during emergencies or power outages.


Columbia University Medical Center

GHC has been a pivotal contributor to numerous projects over the span of 10+ years, encompassing diverse endeavors such as the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, various full-floor laboratory fitouts, and upgrades to MRI & CT scan facilities. Key highlights of our involvement include:

  • The Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, a pioneering institution in HIV/AIDS research, benefitting from GHC's expertise in implementing state-of-the-art MEP systems.

  • Successful execution of multiple full-floor laboratory fitouts, showcasing GHC's ability to tailor MEP solutions to meet the unique needs of scientific research environments.

  • Upgrades to MRI & CT scan facilities

  • Consistent delivery of high-quality MEP services, reflecting GHC's reputation as a trusted partner in the development of critical healthcare and research facilities.

Weill Cornell Medical College - Student Residence

This new student residence epitomizes sustainability with its all-electric design, Key highlights of its MEP  systems include:

  • Air source heat pumps for both heating and cooling, minimizing reliance on fossil fuels and reducing carbon footprint.

  • Integration of advanced lighting controls and fixtures to complement the energy-efficient HVAC systems, maximizing overall energy savings.

  • Water-saving technologies incorporated throughout the building's plumbing system, promoting water conservation and environmental stewardship.


Danbury Hospital - North Tower Addition

New 11 story, 316,000 ft² Hospital Building consisting of:

  • Integration with existing cogeneration plant for heating / cooling efficiencies

  • Addition of new emergency generators, chillers, cooling towers, and air handlers to bolster the building's resilience and ensure uninterrupted operations during emergencies.

  • MEP systems tailored to support the specialized needs of three new 35-bed Medical/Surgical floors, promoting patient comfort and efficient healthcare delivery.

  • Establishment of a new 30-bed Intensive Care Unit equipped with cutting-edge MEP infrastructure to provide critical care services with precision and reliability.

  • A new 40,000 ft² emergency department

Mount Sinai West -
Surgical Platform Upgrades and Supporting Infrastructure

New Surgical platform upgrades along with supporting infrastructure for a five-year multi-component and phased project in an active hospital.   Project consists of the following:​​

  • Surgical Platform Phase 1: Two new ORs, Two PACU positions, support Space

  • Surgical Platform Phase 2-6: Seven ORs, One MRI, 18 Prep/ Recovery Rooms, 11 PACU positions, support space.

  • Endoscopy Suite consisting of 3 procedure rooms and support space.

  • CSPD Suite: Relocation of existing suite along with new AHU and distribution

  • West Building AHU replacement:  Two new 60,000 cfm air handlers dedicated to the ORs

  • Winston Building AHU replacement: New 15,000 cfm AHU

  • Chillers: Installation of two new 1000-ton electric drive centrifugal chillers and auxiliaries. This is an addition to the existing chiller plant

  • Cooling Tower Replacement: New 4500 ton, 4 cell cooling tower. Phased replacement of the existing towers that remained active during process.

  • Emergency Power upgrades: Two new 1500 KW generators, paralleling gear, Automatic Transfer Switched along with new fuel oil system.


Blythedale Children’s Hospital -

New Construction

New inpatient hospital building spanning 60,000 ft², accompanied by strategic MEP systems enhancements and renovation phases, including:

  • Upgrades to the existing Central Plant, incorporating boiler replacement and chiller upgrades to improve efficiency and reliability of heating and cooling systems.

  • Phased renovations to the existing active hospital facilities, enhancing infrastructure and functionality to meet evolving healthcare needs while minimizing disruptions to ongoing operations.

Montefiore Hutch Metro Tower II - Ambulatory Care Building

New inpatient hospital building spanning 60,000 ft², accompanied by strategic MEP systems enhancements and renovation phases, including:

  • Construction of 12 cutting-edge Operating Suites, equipped with advanced MEP infrastructure to facilitate surgical procedures.

  • Integration of Imaging Facilities within the building, incorporating specialized MEP systems to ensure optimal conditions for diagnostic imaging equipment and patient comfort.

  • Establishment of a dedicated PACU (Post-Anesthesia Care Unit) Suite, outfitted with MEP systems designed to support recovery and monitoring of patients post-surgery.

  • Doctor’s Private Offices

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